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LMD Integrated Inverter
Localized motion system
The perfect integration between motor and inverter, with a powerful and efficient algorithm in a robust IP66 casing. Features versatile control with a wide range of field buses and a practical and flexible interface. A product that marks an innovative response to the most rigid demands for application.

LMD 037
LMD 055
LMD 075
LMD 110
LMD 150
LMD 220
LMD 300
Power Range
0.37 - 3.0 kW 3-Phase 380 - 480V (±10%) / 47~63 Hz

Type of Control
V/f Flux Current Control

Overload Capacity
2 ~16 kHz


EMC Filter
Standard built in Level A1 (EN61800-3-A11), opt. Built in Level B

Main Hardware features
1 Analog Input 0-10V (0/4-20mA with external 500ohm resistor)
3 (+1) Digital Input (programmable multifunction)
1 Relay Output (programmable multifunction)
Integrated PID controller
Standard Integrated Poti on board and RS-232 serial interface
Jumper selection on board: Functions and Ramps
Optional Profibus, DeviceNet, AS-i Interface modules
Optional Brake-motor Control module
Optional Braking Resistor and Chopper module

Connectable Basic Operator Panel and Advanced
Operator Panel

Main Functions
Motopotentiometer UP/DOWN control
Multipoint V/f characteristic
I2t and PTC Motor temperature monitoring
Momentary Power Loss and Stall prevention
VDC-max controller
Compound Braking function
DC braking injection
JOG frequency
Selectable Auto-restart
Selectable Stop method
Automatic Alarm Reset and History
Protections: Inverter Overtemperature, Output Short-
Circuit, Grounding Fault, Overvoltage, Overcurrent.
BICO technology


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