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700TK series Slew drives
Slew drives for excavator duty

The 700TK series is the compact and yet powerful package for the slew drive of excavators up
to approx. 20 ton class. The units are powered by integrated axial piston hydraulic motors, developed in cooperation with KAYABA and can be accommodated within the smallest space. Wide choice of drive pinions, standard or to customer specs.

Torque Nm
700 TK
701 TK
703 TK
705 TK
706 TK 63
706 TK 85
707 TK

Torque Range
750 ... 9.000 Nm

Excavator weight
1,5 to 20 ton.

Gear Ratios
7 ... 40

Key Features
Flange mounted
Output shaft with integral pinion
Rugged construction
High torque capacity
Output shafts supported by heavy duty bearings
Compact design

Hydraulic motors
KAYABA hydraulic motor fixed displacement complete
with shockless type pressure relief valve

Motor options
Anti swing-back valve

Hydraulically released failsafe parking brake
Brake retarder valve on request



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