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610W2/3 series Wheel drives
Gear shift final drive LO-HI Speed

This gear shift final drive is specifically designed for wheeled and tracked machines featuring a significantly different travel/operating speed ratio.
The product is the ideal solution for road paving machines, construction equipment, as well as agricultural and forestry machines.

Torque Range
40.000 Nm

Gear Ratios
LO speed : 71 87 85 104 141,3
HI speed : 20,5 20,5 24,5 24,5 24,5

Key Features
Dual gear ratio, hydraulic Lo-Hi speed shifting
Rotating housing
Rugged design
High torque capacity
High load capacity
Mechanical lifetime seals
Compact design
Hydraulically operated multidisc clutches, allowing both speed shifting and brake

Applicable motors
Cartridge axial piston hydraulic motors

Hydraulically released multidisc type
Parking braking
Emergency braking



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