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3/H Series – Combined gearboxes

by 연호산업 posted Oct 01, 2018




page_icon00.png Product Descriptions

Performance and technology of the planetary gearboxes with the robustness and reliability of bevel helical gearboxes

combine the high technology, performance and efficiency of planetary gearboxes with the robustness, quality and reliability of bevel helical gearboxes. These planetary/bevel helical combination gear boxes deliver the high transmissible torque of Bonfiglioli planetary 300 Series along with the excellent power transmission characteristics of bevel helical HDO Series and are ideal for applications that demand high power density along with medium-low output speeds. 

The 3/H range consists of 10 standard catalogue sizes that can transmit up to 1200 kNm of torque. Custom combinations are also available. A wide choice of gear ratios and above all the availability of numerous intermediate sizes enable the 3/H range to offer a truly complete answer to the needs of target heavy duty applications. Compared to conventional gearboxes, the flexibility and synergy of 3/H combination gearboxes guarantees significant benefits in terms of: 

- Torque range / Thermal capacity / Compactness / Silent running / Versatility in solutions and accessories



page_icon00.png Product Specification

Product range

Numerous combinations cover a wide range of applications and offer:

• Gear ratios from 1:100 to 1:1000
• Rated power up to 980 kW
• Reference torque up to 1200 kNm

Special solutions Special, complete and custom power transmission solutions
are available for specific applications involving:

• Torque arms
• Base plates
• Fluid couplings
• Shoe brakes
• Other accessories
(paint coatings, special seals, motor flanges with integrated fans, etc.)

Output versions

• solid cylindrical shaft
• solid shaft with keyway
• solid shaft with supporting feet
• solid shaft with keyway and supporting feet
• hollow shaft with shrink disc
• hollow shaft with keyway

Input versions • Single sided cylindrical shaft
• Flange with motor coupling bell and intermediary elastic joint
between the cylindrical shafts of the motor and gearbox.
Mounting position Horizontal input shaft

• Vertical input shaft
Shaft arrangement Depending on the needs of the application,
3/HDO combination gearboxes can be supplied with output shafts on the left or right side.
Options & Accessories • Auxiliary thermal devices
• Forced lubrication
• Backstop device



page_icon00.png Type

Type Torque [Nm]
3/HDO 15 98000
3/HDO 16 130000
3/HDO 17 175000
3/HDO 18 260000
3/HDO 19 440000
3/HDO 21 615000
3/HDO 23 830000
3/HDO 25 1200000



  1. 3/H Series – Combined gearboxes

  2. A - Helical bevel gear motor

  3. HDO - Bevel helical gear reducer

  4. RAN - Bevel gears

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